3D Printer Enclosure: Is it Necessary for A 3D Printer

3D printers are becoming more and more useful in many people’s daily life. Regardless of those high-quality and expensive industrial 3D printers, plenty of low-cost DIY printers become important members of an individual’s house. As an undeveloped and highly modifiable product, 3D printers also need lots of accessories to update themselves. In this post, we will introduce one common 3D printer part—– 3D printer enclosure.

The Purpose of 3D Printer Enclosures

Most desk-level FDM 3D printers equip with simple frames and mechanisms to ensure their functionalities while keeping the price affordable. As many 3D printer users get familiar with their machines, some modifications or updates are necessary to achieve better printing results.

3D printer enclosure is one opinion of 3D printer updates. A 3D printer enclosure is made for those open-framed FDM 3D printers that expose their motion and heating parts to the air. Like a storage box, a 3D printer can be placed into an enclosure. There are many reasons for using an enclosure. One reason to have an enclosure is to keep the printer from dust, water splash. Some enclosures also have fireproof features to prevent accidental burning from electrical parts. From the aspect of functionalities, using an enclosure will keep the internal temperature more stable, as FDM technology needs a relatively warm environment for its printing process. A constant warm temperature can reduce the warping of high-temperature materials printing, such as ABS and PETG. It also adds a barrier to your printer, reduces noise, and keeps your kids and pets away from the dangerous components like the hotend and moving parts.

Whoever owns a 3D printer is probably able to build an enclosure, since handcraft skills are the one we must have when we decided to get an FMD printer. Not necessary, if we compare the money and time spent, buying a cheap pre-made enclosure sounds like a good solution, instead of buying materials and building your own.

Aluminum Film and Fabric Composite

Aluminum has a great heat isolation property. So it is an ideal fireproof material. But aluminum itself is stiff and fissile. The added fabric can increase the whole material’s durability.

Thick EVA and Fabric Composite

EVA is a widely used foam material that has good properties of thermal and sound insulation. EVA is thick and soft, so adding fabric can increase its durability.

Fireproof Silicone coated Fiber

Silicone-coated fiber is a new type of fireproof material that can isolate smoke and fire effectively.

Metal and Acrylic

Metal frame and flat acrylic provide a solid structure and elegant outlook. On the other side, it is a bit cumbersome, and the gaps all around the joints have a disadvantage for keeping heat inside.

Fireproof Enclosure

This enclosure uses fireproof fabrics that resist 600-800°C high temperatures to isolate the accidental fire. Multiple coating processes and silicon fiber fabrics keep the interior temperature at a warm status.

1. This enclosure uses fireproof fabrics that resist 600-800°C high temperatures to isolate the accidental fire. Multiple coating processes and silicon fiber fabrics keep the interior temperature at a warm status.
2. Large space. This enclosure is larger than Crealiy’s small size tent, which provides more room for users to upload filament or check their printer.
for Cr-10 or different types of large printers, some modifications are needed to fit this enclosure. E.g., the external control box needs to be outside of the cover or re-wiring some cables.


Silicone Fiber+ Stainless Steel Tubes


Acrylic Sheet Board

Acrylic Sheet Board is more like an add-on item for things like Cabinet or table. According perticular circumstances, users mount acrylic sheets around the 3D printer and build an enclosure.

1. Fashionable. Acrylic Sheet and whatever it mounts on can easily integrate into other interior furniture.
2. Stable. Compare to those fabric tents, acrylic is heaver and well-knit.
Cons:1. Heavy and not user-friendly. Though it looks gorgeous from the outside, when you want to work on the printer, you will find it is not convenient to move around in the enclosure.
2. Loose heat. There are gaps everywhere between the joints, which cannot stop heat loss.
3. Limited options. Not too many sizes you can find online to fit your table or cabinet.

Creality 3D Printer Tent

Creality 3D Printer Tent is one of Creality 3D’s accessories that fits certain Creality FDM printers like Ender and CR series. There are many similar products like this one, which uses aluminum foil and black fabric for the main body.


  1. Great isolation. The aluminum foil is able to insulate smoke and flame effectively. And the mirror-liked surface can reflect some heat to keep inside warm.
  2. Good Compatibility. There are two sizes to suit for different Creality printers (from ender 3 to CR10 Max). Most FMD printer users would be able to put their machine into the tent with the right size.


  1. Not real fireproof. Though aluminum can stand fire, the outside fabric will get burned at a high temperature.
  2. Rough manufacture. The overall surface has many wrinkles that make the tent look cheap and unshaped.

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